Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Al Jazeera loves death by suffocation (sorry, 'respiratory inhibition')

It is obvious that al Qaeda  in Syria is now resorting to chemical warfare, so it is time to rummage for legitimizing these attacks!
"... Ziad Haddad, a medic in Aleppo, however, told Al Jazeera, the victims seemed to have been exposed to organic pesticides and not chemical weapons, like Sarin and VX nerve agents.He said several patients arrived in the emergency room earlier on Tuesday morning with cases of suffocation and constricted pupils.
"Several of them died of respiratory inhibition (Wow! Listen to this! Inhibition, not SUFFOCATION!)" he said.
"Victims spoke of pungent smell. Chemical weapons are usually odourless."
“Moreover, the number of deaths is small compared to those who would have died had chemical weapons been used."

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