Sunday, October 28, 2012

To the lying photoshopping yoyos of Al Arabiya: The Iranian Ambassador NEVER shakes hands with a woman!

Al Arabiyah, aka. The Site of Lies, Sleaze & Fabrications had this badly doctored photo with a caption "Wife of Wissam al Hassan ignores the condolences of the Iranian Ambassador"

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blowback said...

Al Arabiya were stupid to produce such a poorly doctored image with such an unimaginative explanation. Now if they had just said that the Iranian ambassador was demanding payment of the wife of Wissam al Hassan for the explosives used to blow him up*** or she wouldn't shake his hand because he was not offering her a Ferrero Rocher, that might at least have been slightly amusing.

*** - a reference to the Chinese communist practice of demanding payment for the bullets used to execute a criminal, I believe.