Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Question: Who in your opinion shot down the Turkish spy jet? Damascus or Дамаск?

Best reply so far:
"if you are trying to insinuate that moscow although you're spelling damask in russian) was behind this incident, you are big time mistaken. It was neither advanced russian equipment that did the job (it was archaic aaa) nor did moscow have anything to do with the decision to shoot down the intruding jet. However, moscow is in damascus, and that means, the kremlin is strategically 100% behind the survival of the regime. The pompous turk understood that and now he is threatening all calamities that he should have poured upon the syrians minutes after the shooting down. You quoted lavrov saying that whatever transpires in syria draws the new mideastern world order. Read that again. Read between the lines"

and this seems partially accurate,
"... what I meant previously is that the Russian leaders informed all those who care to listen that they will protect their strategic interests in that part of the region, even if that required hundreds of Vetos just as the US protected its supposed (Israel)interests by slapping a million Vetos at the United Nations ..."

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