Monday, June 25, 2012

Davutoglu tweeted: "The plane violated Syrian airspace, then exited, then lost its 'consciousness', then fell in Syrian waters"

Via 'b' of course; (Strong similarities b/w what Ankara said after flotillaincident and Syria jet downing. Not much achieved with Israel)
... Turkish FM Davutoglu: The plane lost its "consciousness" and that's why it fell in Syria's waters.
Turkish FM Davutoglu: There is no any single warning to our plane before the shooting.
Turkish FM Davutoglu: Our plane shortly violated Syrian airspace, but not during the shooting time.
Turkish FM Davutoglu: It is possible to violate another state's air space due to weather conditions, or technical things.
Turkish FM Davutoglu: Turkish plane violated Syria's air space 15 minutes before the downing of our plane.
Turkish FM Davutoglu: Syria is trying connect the "not ill-intentioned violation" to the shooting of the plane. Irrelevant......
Turkish FM Davutoglu: Syria could have asked our intelligence why Turkish plane violated the Syrian air space. It didn't happen.
Turkish FM Davutoglu: Syria is saying that "we didn't know it was a Turkish plane." Our data suggests otherwise.
Turkish FM Davutoglu: We detected conversations in Syrian side, suggesting that they knew it was a Turkish plane.....
Turkish FM Davutoglu: Our next step after getting the entire picture was to inform the international community. Talked to 10 FMs last night.
Turkish FM Davutoglu: We will hold our consultations with NATO member states, permanent security council members.
Turkish FM Davutoglu: All countries we talked to expressed their solidarity with Turkey. They found us right......
Turkish FM Davutoglu: There was some data leaks from Syria we describe as "disinformation".....
Turkish FM Davutoglu: There were many violation of Syrian air space by other countries before. But Syria shot down our unarmed plane.
Turkish FM Davutoglu: No country can show courage to test Turkey's patience.
Turkish FM Davutoglu: If Syria has become an element of instability not only towards its people but in the region, we will respond to that....
Turkish FM Davutoglu: We should not link Syrian crisis and downed Turkish fighter jet......
Turkish FM Davutoglu: Iran FM Salihi called me first and said they will do their best regarding downed Syrian jet.
Turkish FM Davutoglu: I told Iranian foreign minister that Turkey expects clear position from Tehran regarding downed Turkish jet by Syria.
MT @MustafaEdib: Strong similarities b/w what #Ankara said after #flotilla incident and Syria jet downing. Not much achieved with #Israel
The critical legal point that could be used to activate a NATO response is "hit 13 miles off the Syrian coast, in international air space". That does not fit with this amateur video taken on a Syrian beach and uploaded shortly after the incident. It seems to shows anti air gun artillery shooting at the alleged plane. The point where the video was taken is here next to a hill with a white top and cleared anti-air positions. There is no way that any AA artillery Syria has could hit a plane 13 miles out.
It is also irrelevant if the plane was armed or not. Reconnaissance is a military task and to any air defense an unknown low flying fastmover intruding a countries air space is definitely a threat.
It seems to me that those who would buy what Davutoglu is trying to sell here would also be prospective customers of this or that Brooklyn bridge sale.

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