Tuesday, February 28, 2012

'Strategic' Fuad Siniora: "Moscow & Beijing's positions are influenced by domestic politics but they will change soon!"

'Tearful' Fuad predicted Assad's downfall & triumph of March14 in Lebanon last ...August! 
 'Ring around the Rosie...'
"... "The Syrian problem became a domestic issue in Russia. It is part of the election campaign ... adding that Russia might be "ready to discuss business in a more pragmatic way" after the vote.
Unlike Russia, which has a naval base on the Syrian coast and sells arms to Damascus, China has little commercial interest in shielding Assad from criticism, Siniora said.
Siniora said China had balked at U.N. condemnation of Assad because of concerns over potential criticism of its own domestic record, including in Tibet. But in the long term he said it was not in Beijing's interest to side with the Syrian leader.
"It is not in the interests of the Iranian regime to continue hammering on having Lebanon and Syria as their client countries," Siniora said.
"This is not a sustainable relationship and this will lead towards furthering the confrontation in the region."

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