Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Remember the 'mutilated & skinned' Zaynab al Husni?

A few days ago; Human Rights Watch: 
"...The killing and mutilation of Zaynab al-Hosni, 18, by unknown persons highlights the urgent need for the UN Security Council to demand access to Syria for an international investigation into rampant killings and torture in Syria, Human Rights Watch said today. Zaynab, whose brothers are active in anti-government protests, had vanished in late July after going out to buy medication for her mother. Syrian authorities returned al-Hosni’s dismembered body to her family on September 17, 2011, without providing any information on the circumstances surrounding her killing, and forced her mother to sign a paper stating that “armed gangs” had killed her...."
Well, apparently, Zaynab is alive and running away from home because of the abuse  of her 'activist brothers': 
"... Zaynab Al-Husni has become famous: she has been described as the victim of the Syrian regime who was decapitated and then skinned.  Amnesty International published a report detailing her case and most Western media reported the story.  Now, Zaynab Al-Husni has suddenly appeared on Syrian TV and said that she has fled her family's home because her brothers were beating her and torturing her...  Western media should now take pause and realize that the Syrian opposition media have been making unsubstantiated claims and fabricating news and that Western media have been automatically reproducing such claims..."


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Syria regime are masters of deceit so be wary of anything published by them. This could be an actress posing as the female victim or the Regime could have set up the opposition in an elaborate plot. Assad is diabolically clever but he will fall from power in the end.

Anonymous said...

Er..the forces that are currently destabilizing Syria, i.e CIA, MOSSAD(aiding and abetting Islamic fundamentalist groups and others seeking power promised by Western powerbrokers) are masters of deceit. Waging war by deception, in particular.

This 'western' medias 'reporting' on the events in Syria make it embarrasingly obvious that this is a Zionist operation pure and simple. It's the covert PNAC; the evidence is ample.

The media outlets(BBC, CNN, CBC, NBC, ABC etc)have been conduits for some of the worst propaganda - you can't call it journalism - I've ever seen.

Was the media deregulated too? It sure looks that way. Anyone who can be honest can tell the media standards are non-existent when it comes to ME reporting.

And anyone who can be honest can tell you exactly why that is...

Anonymous said...

Plenty of "Masters of Deceit" in action in Syria. Same as in Libya, Algeria, Egypt et al.