Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Libyan 'rebels': "We need Israel's help!"

"Libya needs any help it can get from the international community, including from Israel, a spokesman for the opposition to Muammar Gadhafi's regime told Haaretz Tuesday by phone from London.
When asked what sort of assistance Libya required, Ahmad Shabani, the founder of Libya's Democratic Party, said: "We are asking Israel to use its influence in the international community..."
Shabani, 43, is the son of a former minister in the cabinet of Libya's king, who was deposed in 1969... educated in Britain ... The weight he carries in Libya's emerging political fabric is unclear. But in recent months Shabani has appeared in the Western media as a spokesman for the opposition.
When Shabani was asked whether a democratically elected government in Libya would recognize Israel, he responded: "The question is whether Israel will recognize us."..
According to Israeli intelligence, since the uprising, as part of a huge black market in weapons in Libya, arms have been smuggled from Libya to the Gaza Strip via Egypt. Shabani said the opposition was aware of the smuggling and hoped to end it..."

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