Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A quarter of Lebanon's debt: Reclaim it, now!

Lebanon's new government must address Lebanon's endebtedness. Granted, the tractations and haggling will consume a lifetime, but there are instances where bold decisions can actually produce quick returns. The ill-famed Solidere has a huge swat of reclaimed (sea) land that borders the city center sea facade. According to conservative estimates, this swat of land is worth a mere $15 billions. According to inflated estimates, Solidere paid about $400 million to reclaim the sea. A responsible government with the welfare of the People of Lebanon should reclaim the reclaimed land, pay Solidere what costs it incurred + a handsome bonus ... and use the proceeds from the sale towards paying the national debt.
We believe that PM Mikati and many of his 'fiesty' ministers have this in their 'rifles scopes'!


Anonymous said...

1- who is the blog author?
2- this should not be a subject to debate on blog, but a letter sent to the medias, members of government and of parliament!
thank you
nayla bustros

nayla said...

this should be sent by letter to all the members of parliament, government, and medias !
nayla bustros

Anonymous said...

absolutely, this should not be debated, instead it should be put to vote by the people and representatives of this country. This is a win-win-win-win scenario. A letter should ALSO be sent to every Lebanese citizen, this national debt will be carried by them, their children, and their grandchildren more than any member of government or parliament!