Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quasi-defunct An Nahar: "US is happy with Syria's obedience!"

"... U.S. President Barack Obama's appointment of a U.S. Ambassador to Syria was probably partially related to the situation in Lebanon..... probably a result of Syria accomplishing a "valuable mission" for the U.S., whether in Lebanon, Iraq, or Palestine, or that it was part of a number of missions Syria is expected to fulfill to mobilize a few pending issues in the Middle East. One such mission, could have been Syria's role in preventing Hizbullah from executing military action as part of its campaign against the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, they said. Future missions expected of Syria revolve around halting the passage of weapons from Iran to Lebanon, which passes through Syria, breaking the strategic agreement between Syria and Iran, and closing Hamas and Islamic Jihad offices in Damascus. On a related note, political sources close to Syria predicted that the Saudi-Syrian initiative to end the Lebanese political crisis would call for a governmental change after the release of the indictment ..."

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