Sunday, July 25, 2010

"His argument ran counter to years of leaks from the tribunal that have led many Lebanese to think that Syria would be implicated ..."

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"... “I was personally informed by prime minister Saad Hariri before his visit to Washington [in May] that the tribunal will accuse some undisciplined members [of Hizbollah],” Mr Nasrallah said during the press conference. “That’s where things seem to be heading,” Mr Nasrallah said, calling the indictments “a dangerous plot that is targeting the resistance”. “We are not at all afraid, nor are we worried. We know how to defend ourselves,” he added....
He confirmed for the first time that tribunal investigators had come to Lebanon this year to interview members of the group and said that, in his view, there was bias in their questioning, leading him to believe that not only were indictments a foregone conclusion but that the investigation had been held to target Hizbollah.
His argument ran counter to years of speculation and leaks from the tribunal that have led many Lebanese to think that the Syrian regime would be implicated in the 2005 truck bombing of Hariri’s convoy.
“All the data we have indicate that the charge sheet was written up before even the interrogation of our members,” Mr Nasrallah said. “The indictment is ready [and] it is only a matter of political timing.
“As long as the probe does not look into the possibility that Israel is implicated, we believe it is biased,” he said. .......
(ah, I almost forgot these pearls from wonder boy)
“We will not allow Sayyed Nasrallah to devastate the country like he did in July 2006 and in 2008,” MP Nadim Gemayel warned. “Moreover, we will not allow any international ruling to cause internal strife"........ and asked Mr Nasrallah whether he would like the group to adopt “Syria First or Iran First” as a new slogan, in a direct reference to the very close ties between those countries and the militant group."

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