Monday, June 28, 2010

Abdallah of Jordan is "furious".... at Israel?

"QUIETLY and with barely any public confrontation, Israel is creating a new enemy for itself: the Kingdom of Jordan. In the situation that we justifiably or unjustifiably find ourselves now — boycotted and isolated — we do not need to lose the only Arab state with which we have peace-like relations.

This is the story: Jordan is a poor country, lacking almost any natural resources, that spends billions of dollars each year to import 95 percent of its electricity. But in 2007, at least 65,000 tons of uranium ore was found in the Jordanian desert — the 11th-largest deposit of uranium in the world. Jordan is now taking international bids to build a 1,100-megawatt reactor, the first in a planned series of plants that would allow the country to produce a substantial part of the electricity it needs and, by 2030, to export power to its neighbors in the Middle East.

The Obama administration, however, is trying to dissuade Middle Eastern countries from producing their own atomic fuel; the fear is that any low-level uranium enrichment would inevitably lead to high-level enrichment of bomb-grade materials — and then to a regional arms race. As a result, American diplomats are trying to prevent Jordan from getting the necessary technology unless it agrees to purchase its nuclear fuel on the open markets rather than use its own uranium.

Jordan’s king, Abdullah II, is furious and, to make matters worse, he is convinced that the demands of the United States are the result of Israeli pressure. The last thing Israel needs today is a confrontation with Jordan on this subject..."


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Iran should offer to enrich Jordan's uranium for Jordan or better yet openly offer to sell centrifuges to Jordan. ROFLOL.

Anonymous said...

The actual refinement of uranium or even operation of a power plant is not the issue, it is Jordan's ability to become self-sufficient in electricity generation. It looks like the King is more interested in cutting the electrical umbilical cord than in having enrichment capabilities. To move from importing electricity - at significant cost- to generating one's own and exporting the surplus; that's a smart move.

mo said...

hahahaha....First Turkey, now Jordan is finding out what Israel is really about. You gotta love the neo-cons New Middle East; Man those were painful birth pangs but i'm liking the result more and more