Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ben Eliezer: "I used fake passports to meet Bashir Gemayel & Dany Chamoun..."

"... Industry Minister, and former defense minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer said that «the operations carried out by« Mossad »required the approval of the Prime Minister alone, without recourse to the government».
He told Israel's Army Radio: «.... the Prime Minister is not obliged to inform the government when he gives Chief of Mossad the 'go ahead'...". He further added that it was «the prime minister prerogative to inform the Minister of Defense, .... but is not obliged to do so».... Ben Eliezer neither denied nor confirmed Mossad's role in the Mabhouh assassination.
He further revealed that he used at least one fake passport when he was a colonel in the army. He continued: «This happened when I was sent on behalf of the Ministry of Defense to meet with Lebanese Christian leader Bashir Gemayel in Beirut in the late 1975». Moreover, he added: «I went to Beirut, totally disguised.... I was transferred to the Lebanese border and was met by Dany Chamoun (son of former Lebanese President Camille Chamoun) to pick me up and take me directly to Bashir Gemayel »...."

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