Saturday, November 28, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Michel Aoun at the Elysee ... not as usual.

FLC has learned from "source Impeccable" that "Les Coulisses de L'Elysee" are putting the final touches on the logistics of Gen. Aoun's upcoming trip to the French capital. "The pomp", says an official with first hand knowledge of the preparatifs, "will reflect the General's prominence as a Lebanese leader" and most pronouncedly as THE leader in the Christian community.
That surely explains the rabid reactions of the likes of Samir Geagea' & most recently Amine Gemayel, to Aoun's 'movements' across the board. The meeting of Aoun with Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, and the consequences of such a detente on the future of politics in the Mountains of the Chouf & Aleyh, are certainly becoming more than a nuisance to the Gemayels & Geagea', without forgetting the their patrons on either side of the Mediterra-tlantic!

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Anonymous said...

I guess Sfeir, Geagea and Gemayel will consume all the Prozac, Lexatanil, Valium, tranxene and all other tranquilizers available on the market...