Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oppose "Hezbollah's backdoor to the UNSC" ... Choose "stable" Saudi Arabia instead...

'ini mini miny moe...'
Funny piece, and always from assiyassah. They forgot to mention that tasteless, odorless Salloukh said that Shimon Peres's claim of a 80,000 missile-strong Hezbollah is "baseless"...
" ... And here’s another kicker which everyone seems to dismiss: Fawzi Salloukh – who is actively lobbying for Lebanon’s seat at the UNSC table – is a card-carrying member of Amal, (wow) one of Hizballah’s closest allies.

Hamid Ghoriafi, a London-based correspondent for the Kuwaiti newspaper (see tabloid), Alseyassah (Al-Siyassa), writes today (and I paraphrase based on a source’s translation from Arabic to English) that many Western nations will or should oppose Lebanon’s candidacy because:   
  • UNSC Resolutions 1559 and 1701 call for the disarming of Hizballah and other militias, and neither resolution has been implemented.
  • Members of the Lebanese government belong to groups that are on designated-terrorist lists, and these groups represent Syrian and Iranian interests. Also, these groups and [supporting] countries are subject to the international tribunal for the assassination of [former prime minister] Rafik Hariri.
  • A “fear” at the UN that foreign minister Fawzi Salloukh is a member of Amal, which is allied with Hizballah, which is allied with Iran and Syria. And [as a result of those alliances] any confidential discussions between UNSC members would be conveyed directly to Iran.
  • Syria and Qatar played up to the secretary general of the Arab League, convincing him to propose Lebanon. He has agreed to propose without a grasp of “the danger he will be bringing to the UN.”
The alternative to Lebanon, according to Ghoriafi, is Saudi Arabia, which is widely considered by the UNSC “to be a stable country,” he says."

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Dismissive Senior Founding Member of the FLC said...

Al Siassa has been known to be a 'serious, well balanced' tabloid of the worst kind. It specializes in printing non truths and mislead the public. The Hariri investigation has been hampered by false allegations made by Al Siassa. Now, they are keen to preserve the integrity of the UN and find that Lebanon has not implemented Security Council resolutions. No word on Israel who routinely disregards anything coming from the UN. Al GHoriafi should change his name to al Khorfani!