Sunday, August 30, 2009

... and, another Saudi al-Qaeda bomber (of Baghdad) says "Syrian Mukhabarat trained him"....

Reuters, here

" ... The tape featured a man who called himself Mohammed Hassan al-Shemari, 29, from Saudi Arabia, who was arrested in Diyala province on suspicion of being a leader of al Qaeda in Iraq.

He was detained before last week's bombings but the Iraqi government nonetheless used him to illustrate accusations against Syria. It was not possible to independently verify his story.

Shemari said when he arrived in Syria from Saudi Arabia, he was met by a militant who took him to an al Qaeda training camp in Syria. The head of the camp was a Syrian intelligence agent called Abu al-Qaqaa, he said. "They taught us lessons in Islamic law and trained us to fight. The camp was well known to Syrian intelligence," he said. ... "

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'Shamet' Senior Founding Member of the FLC said...

See story below in the blog about Saudi bombers traveling in MOhammad bin Nayef's plane!!!