Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aah, that damned Popular Vote ...

Numbers NEVER lie. (and the Daily Star puts the numbers at +100,000 votes for the Opposition "Nasrallah is right on this score: The numbers show that the opposition garnered over 100,000 more votes than March 14 did on election day. But the electoral law gave greater weight to votes in some districts than it did to those in others...")
But they could hide some painful truthes. These are the official numbers of the June 2009' Elections.... Did not do Al Gore any good in the US Presidential elections in 2000, nor did it give Lebanon's Opposition a victory ... The aggregate averages of voters in each district in Lebanon, shows that the 'losers' got 54.8% of the total votes (839,371 votes) and the 'winners' racked 45.2% of the votes (692,285 votes)

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