Saturday, November 22, 2008

'Senior Iranian IRGS' released today by US forces in Iraq?

According to Al Jazeera, this 'senior' Iranian Revolutionary Guard was "released today after an Iraqi government," here
(previously) on DOD News:
"...coalition troops apprehended a identified as a senior Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force officer Nov. 17 at Baghdad International Airport. The man is believed to be part of a Quds group that operates under the cover of building and repairing religious sites in Iraq to smuggle illegal weapons into the country in shipments of building materials, officials said. Coalition forces were in pursuit of the wanted man when he was detained by airport security forces while he was attempting to leave the country. During their search, forces discovered he was carrying an unspecified amount of cocaine. Coalition officials said the Iranian Quds Force is believed to provide direct support to multiple extremist groups in Iraq, and intelligence information suggests that one of these groups was the expected recipient of the weapons being smuggled into Iraq from Iran...."

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