Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Relations between Israel & India grow stronger when tensions between Delhi & Islamabad rise"

Need we say more? Not that we're saying "THAT" (what you've just thought of) but we're very close! ... Haaretz, here
"...However, two other issues were also on the table which were no less important: cooperation between Israel and India against Islamic terrorism, and the two countries' concern - along with that of other Western nations - over the expected dissolution of Pakistan, India's historic enemy and the first, and so far only, Islamic nuclear power. Relations between Israel and India tend to grow stronger when tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad rise, or when India experiences a rightward shift in anti-Muslim public opinion or in leadership..."

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Sunil said...

with increase in anti India activities in the region under pretext of religion, India and Israel are natural allies and they will only get closer.
If some states can misuse religion for their evil motives, what's wrong with India and Israel getting closer?
The time has come to stop pampering spoilt brats at the cost of others.