Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lebanon: Migrant Domestic Workers Dying Every week from Suicides or in Botched Escapes

HRW, here
“These suicides are linked to the isolation and the difficult working conditions these workers face in Lebanon,” Houry said. “While the Lebanese authorities cannot guarantee these women happiness, they should guarantee them the right to move freely, to work in decent conditions, to communicate with their friends and families, and to earn a living wage.”


Anonymous said...

Typically HRH

How many of the suicides are indeed murder? Search round Angry Arab's blog. Several of these suicides were obviously done with some "help" of those slave workers employers

Anonymous said...

You'd have to re-educate much of the population. Its not just the employers but cab drivers who rip them off, kick them out of their cabs, refuse them change. I saw a group of teenagers throw a rock at a maid a few days ago. Tsk tsk tsk.