Tuesday, July 22, 2008

General James Jones, is preparing an extremely critical report of Israel

On a personal note, delightful man Gen. Jim Jones ... Extremely well educated (a Hoya at heart) and a great Dinner companion (Kent Island Maryland) ...
In Haaretz, here
"...A few copies of the report's executive summary (or, according to some sources, a draft of it) have been given to senior Bush Administration officials, and it is reportedly arousing considerable discomfort. In recent weeks, the administration has been debating whether to allow Jones to publish his full report, or whether to tell him to shelve it and make do with the summary, given the approaching end of President George Bush's term...."

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mo said...

He's an anti-semitic Islamofacist who just hates Israel because its a wonderful country that wouldn't hurt a fly if it just wasn't surrounded by Jew-hating terrorists