Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saudi Embassy in Beirut asks nationals to leave Lebanon ASAP!

... and this is beyond mere "cautionary measures."
Hariri folks are saying that Syria will move shortly to say that the "Arab Intelligence services" inculpated in Mughnieh's assassination is the SAUDI one ...?!
Eyewitnesses report that buses hired by the Embassy are going door-to-door and fastracks are set up at the Airport ... Le Deluge!
Update: The Kuwaiti Embassy joins the fray.
Update II: Kuwaiti Embassy denies joining the frenzy.


mo said...

Erm, still think nothing is going to happen?

p.s how does one get a link off your blog to theirs?

G, M, Z, or B said...


mo said...

my one....:)

So seriously, are you still thinking that there is no plan?

Good find on the empty ships by the way

G, M, Z, or B said...

Mo. Yup. still believe that there will not be a big conflagration, but fires here and there.
Something along these lines (from a good journalist who covers the area):

"... it's so frustrating covering the exhausted last 10 months of the bush administration.
...we know some things. he won't talk to iran.
annapolis will stall.
iran knows it can wait him out.
in the interim will be these iranian and syrian pushes and provocations thru proxies and saudi-israeli some us pushback
and the site of allthe action will be israel, lebanon, gaza and west bank."

mo said...

Sounds like war and piece..:)

Of course Iran can wait him out. Question is can the US and the Israelis wait it out?

The Bush addmin is gone in 10 months, the Hariri one in what 14?

Can Israel take the risks of the wild cards of an Obama Presidency or Hizballah led Lebanese govt.?

My experience says no they dont want to.

I guess the only question is what will and CAN they do about it