Sunday, December 30, 2007

There will be no "Hariri-like" UN inquiry over Bhutto

In SicSemperTyrannis, here
"... Some might ask why not? After all, when Rafik Hariri was killed in Lebanon several years ago, there was an international hue and cry for a UN led investigation with the clear intention of hanging responsibility around Syria's neck. The investigation has come to pass and the result has been -- nothing. Now we have the Bhutto affair. Will there be an investigation analogous to the Hariri investigation? No. That investigation took place because it was the policy of the United States to agree to and, indeed sponsor such an inquiry. The French? Ah, yes. The French in this case sided with the United States because Chirac's government had reached a level on alienation from America that needed correction. Bottom Line: Crimes like these are really matters of international politics, and the large countries' interests still govern. All else is just illusion. International law? A pretty conceit. The strong still are strong."

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