Friday, December 14, 2007

Taymoor Jumblatt's interview: Walid's concoction to "mend fences" between Damascus & Taymoor, in due time?

Apparently, it's Walid's idea to pave the way towards the inevitable: A "forgive & forget" thingy for the next 15 years? Until a newer version of the "birth pangs of Democracy" becomes available? This interview has been circulating for days now ... Is it real? Today, Al Balad comments on it as if it does exist. Does anyone have the ORIGINAL French version? In Al Balad (page 6), here

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Anonymous said...

It's a fake interview.
The original is not French but Persian. It was translated into Arabic by Elaph and then translated into French by an Israeli website named "Journalists" at are LFers or Lahdists and use pseudonyms.
Here is the French version :
And here's the arabic version
The Original Farsi version is nowhere to be found.