Friday, December 14, 2007

Allah Ma3ak ya Watan!

Sons & daughters of South Lebanon, the tobacco pickers, the peasants ...the simple folks, bid farewell to one of theirs. In Rmeish, the family of Gen. El Hajj thanked all those who shared their grief except the representative of little Fuad. The reason? Little Fuad sent none! Must be real busy packing and wondering WHERE to reside after the Serail: It is, we hear, contingent upon the least amount of urine sprinkled at him...

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Anonymous said...

One must really feel sad for future ex prime mininster Fuad Siniura. But he should also take pride in the fact that he has created the impossible, that is a national unity against his incompetence and that of his cabinet. It is also a sad testimony against the foolishness of the Bush administration to have broken all rules of diplomacy and sided with a minority government against the majority of the Lebanese people. The next US administration, whether Democrat or Republican will have a lot of work to rebuild, may be in an irreversible way, the credibility of the US.
As to the latest martyr in Lebanon, a real one, not like those usurpers of martyrdom, General Francois Hajj deserves our outmost respect for his beliefs, his courage, and his endeavors. All the thoughts of true Lebanese nationalists, the real ones who oppose the violation of Lebanese airspace by Israeli (US made planes), the interference of the US proconsul in Lebanese affairs while protesting against the interference of regional powers, all our thoughts and prayers go to the family of the martyr Gen. Francois Hajj