Friday, October 12, 2007

"Anti-Semitism" crusaders are nowhere to be found when Ann Coulter (a supporter of Israel) spews...

Yup. It's as predicted! Here


Anonymous said...

For many years I believed Ann Coulter to be a New England Protestant (because of her Republican affliations). It was not until recently that I concluded her to be an Irish Catholic ( Irish Catholics have been traditionally Liberal Democrats).
Imagine my surprise at this 180 degree revelation!
These Jesuit trained snakes both male and female are a satanic progeny of Morton Downey Jr., Joseph P Kennedy's media savy Svengali. Along with Arthur Schelsinger both Downey and ole Arthur have spawned a new generation,an army of venomous media darlings. Tucker Carlson and Chris Matthews are also a part of this nest of vipers.

Anonymous said...

here is a link to a 1988 interview conducted by Downey of Ron Paul.