Sunday, September 2, 2007

"Test Marketing": Threat level on the possibility of war with Iran might have just gone up to "orange"

From the New Yorker, and building on Barnett Rubin's piece (scroll down below) here
"True? I don’t know. Plausible? Absolutely. It follows the pattern of the P.R. campaign that started around this time in 2002 and led to the Iraq war."

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bishop said...

"test marketing" is a great way of putting these obvious attempts to rile Iran and scare the American people. we ain't bombing anyone.

(didn't you just post something the other day about Bush/Ahmnadinejad's tit-for tat? do yall believe this is anything more?)

remember when we were about to invade Iraq? how much that DOMINATED the news and debate here, how THAT'S ALL THERE WAS TO TALK ABOUT? well, there is barely anyone talking about that here, now. we are seeing all of this in editorials and blogs and magazines and such. until it reaches that point of dominating the news, until it reaches the level of Congressional mention... it is just talk. sabre-rattling, as they say.

it IS interesting, though. i do have respect for The New Yorker. they are very gossipy, as is this story... but it could be true. (they are confirming my sabre-rattling theory)

the last paragraph is most telling... even some of the neo-cons think "this is lunatic." (and the bulk of the American people are neither neo-con, or lunatic)