Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lebanese MP Walid Eido assassinated: Sunnis community shows grave strains & schism!

The Lebanese Sunni community has been strained beyond the breaking point!
First came the "decapitation" when the assassination of PM Hariri threw the Sunnis out of their orbit and made them renege on a long and proud heritage of Arab Nationalism & support for the Palestinian cause. More importantly, and as the campaign of recrimination grew stronger, it drew the line in the sand with their co-coreligionists, the Shia'as. It was a "Sunni-Strategy" implemented word for word, with easy access to enormous financial capabilities and by a daily dose of "international support" to the "men in the trenches", the Cedar revolutionaries of M14 and the Sunni Leadership at the helm.
The summer of 2006' threw the (hence) smooth plan off balance: Israel's aggression against Lebanon achieved none of its goals. On the contrary, it prompted the proponents of the "Sunni-Strategy" to look at some "off the shelf" quick fixes. Throngs of Salafi Jihadists were recalled from their "epics" to join their brethren in Lebanon as they became the shield against the "Iranian and Shia'a crescent." Serious cracks were seen in the war's aftermath, most notably when there were "calls to arms" by the zealots surrounding the amateur Hariri: Many in the FUTURE movement began voicing serious doubts, and some threatened "dissent."
As the "Sunni Strategy" gained momentum, more financial resources were allocated for this endeavor ... leading us to the Fath el Islam "Bank heist" and things thrown completely off whack. The events in the North (Nahr el Bared) were in more ways than one the "straw that broke the Sunni Strategy's back."
Sunni Leaders (covert & overt) have been voicing discontent, bordering on "rebellion" (those who are members of the FUTURE movement of Saad Hariri) that "whatever has been concocted for the community does not serve the Sunnis at all, but instead, has weakened it tremendously."
Today's horrific bombing should be seen in this context!


As'ad AbuKhalil said...

What is your evidence of the schism, F?

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the "Sunni-Strategy"....
But what is the OTHER "PATRIOTIC- Sunni-Strategy"?
Is there one......?