Friday, May 20, 2011

'After MY successful Libya debut, I bring to you Syria!'

"... How to explain the foot-dragging of the international community in sanctioning ...... a shame, but it’s absolutely in keeping with what is normal. And in explaining our feeble response, our inaction, our cowardice, there is no need whatsoever to imagine who knows what occult interests, shady plots, or machinations. It’s the way of the world.(The Palestinians Monsieur Levy? Non? They do nothing for you?)
Of course, there is the case of Libya. There is an example, or, to be exact, a counter-example, where the international community has joined forces, has moved, has acted—and the example is that of Libya. Right. But wait! It is, precisely, the exception. It is the absolute exception..... Not “it’s strange, suspect even, that what we did in Libya has not been done elsewhere,” but “how is it that what we have done nowhere, absolutely nowhere, else, we have done in Libya?” And if we ask this question, here is the answer. A blend of factors is involved, a mixture of chance and necessity with, it must be said, even if one is not in his camp and agrees with him, as I do, on just about nothing else, this unforeseeable element that is, by definition, impossible to generalize: the political will of one man, the President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy.
I come back, then, to the original question. What of Syria? How can we put right our awful failure to act with regard to Syria? Well, by trying to imagine and, perhaps, provoke a configuration such as that which has prevailed in Libya... But let us dream. Yes, I had, I have, a dream. And this dream is that, faced with this Syrian tragedy, there may occur the same type of political configuration as that which no doubt has enabled us to save Libya. And when I say a political configuration, I mean first and foremost another Sarkozy—someone who, like Sarkozy, will dare to break the omerta, smash the law of silence, and see to it that the same kind of miracle that happened in Tripoli will be reproduced in Damascus. As to this other president, my American friends, I don’t see ten possibilities, or three, or even two. I see only one, and that is Barack Obama... I have joined the cause of Libya and am committed body and soul and nearly all the time to this Libyan affair... Why cannot others do for Syria what some have done for Libya? Why don’t they go to Deraa as I went to Benghazi?..."


Fondateur Senior Soupconneux du FLC said...

Il se prend pour qui ce con? Martin Luther King et son reve?

Anonymous said...

BHl is a Zionist clown with an over-inflated ego, just like DSK, Sarkozy and many other Frogs...

The Frenchie Frogs have, though, been giving considerable space to DSK's "character witnesses." The French so-called 'left' has disgraced itself utterly. All the celebrities from every profession have come forward to disparage the very idea that that good, wise, honorable DSK (who always traded favor for favor)could ever have done anything as 'common' as rape a chambermaid. (He raped a reporter in 2002 in his office who was coerced into shutting up and then could find no publisher for her retrospective book. Another interviewer ran from his office where she was groped declaring that DSK was like a 'chimpanzee in rut").